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I Love Colors Package - 2
I Love Colors Package - 2
I Love Colors Package - 2

I Love Colors Package - 2

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1- Ikat Women's Duster/Overshirt

This is a soft, lightweight overlay/ jacket that includes a belt, front pockets and long sleeves that are easy to fold. It is handmade with natural cotton fiber and dyed using Ikat, which is a resist dyeing technique that is used to dye the yarns before weaving the fabric. This form of weaving requires high skill and is labor intensive.

1 - Shaheen's Love Sling Bag Women's Accessories Made with Waste Plastic

This clutch is dirt-, water-, and crease- resistant and is suitable for any weather. Sustainable to the core, no new materials were used in the making of this clutch - only industrial trimmings of plastic packaging and re-used trinkets from 90's India. This clutch is named after Shaheen, one of our most loved weavers, whose warmth is infectious. Woven over 8 hours using macrame knotting techniques that are more challenging with plastic cords.