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Crochet Hand-knit Beanie

Crochet Hand-knit Beanie

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Made with 100% soft wool, this handmade Navy Blue Crochet Beanie is stylish, warm and comfortable to wear. The versatile color highlights the intricate crochet details in the cap. Ideal for every occasion and style! With intricate knits and a mindful mission behind it, this beanie will positively keep you warm headed.

This beanie has been handknit by underprivileged old ladies living in suburban and rural India. GranMade is an ethical enterprise and omittes any middleman commission, ensuring quality pay to its artisans at the comfort of their home.
Care and Wash Instructions: Machine wash using knitwear detergent / washing powder.

GranMade is a social enterprise which supports underprivileged elder Indian “grandmas” by providing equal pay to these artisans through the sales of these handwoven scarves, hats, socks, and more..