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Under One Umbrella was founded as an effort to support emerging designers and artisans across the globe that are involved in making products which are culturally unique but also globally adaptable. We are not just a listing website but also a global platform that allows people to explore different cultures through fashion and wares, making our ever-shrinking world more connected. For those seeking new trends from different parts of the world, we provide a consciously curated platform of artisanal designers that offer products which allow you to bring the celebration of diversity to your home. Under One Umbrella is committed to continuing our inclusion of up-and-coming designers around the world through exploration and conscious selection. 

Social Impact

Committed to promoting a better world, our process of selection ensures that all our partner brands make a significant social impact. Under One Umbrella also donates 10% of our proceeds to Armadillos Busqueda y Rescate, an NGO and small search-and-rescue group for migrants.

Who We Are?

Under One Umbrella is a thoughtfully curated online platform for artisanal brands from emerging countries that sell culturally unique yet globally adaptable products. By bringing small artisanal brands “Under One Umbrella”, our platform allows cosmopolitan customers to add a global flair to their everyday life.

What we do
Under One Umbrella is a listing site for home décor, fashion and accessories. We carefully select pieces from around the world that fit global aesthetics and set trends.

Who We Serve
Brands that fit our mould:
- Artisanal brands from Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America.
- Minimalist design with ethnic flair
- Creates a positive social and environmental impact

Customers that fit our mould:
- Globe trotters that yearn for travel and like incorporating worldly experiences into their everyday life
- Customers who are looking to add international flair
- Customers who want to explore cultural influences from around the world on one single platform  

Because we don’t just promote products, we promote a united world!

Under One Umbrella is more than an online store. We strive to promote “unity and diversity” in everything we do. We promote small and upcoming brands that take you on a journey of their culture by expressing it in their design.

Under One Umbrella is way for customers to shop with the intention of purchasing ethically-sourced products — and to share in the joy of promoting a confluence of cultures.

We do business differently, putting people and planet first. With each purchase you empower a small artisanal brand in a developing country and also make a donation to a search and rescue group for immigrants.