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Standard Kantha Throw Blanket - Light Green and Cream

Standard Kantha Throw Blanket - Light Green and Cream

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This is truly the perfect throw blanket. Six layers of soft sari cloth are hand-stitched together to create a cozy blanket that is ever more special knowing that it was made in an environment that honors and empowers the artisan who made it.

This light green and cream pattern will add some cheer to any furniture in your home!

Materials: Recycled/vintage cotton sari cloth
Care and Wash Instructions: A gentle wash and line drying are recommended to maintain the vibrant color and protect the hand stitching of your cotton kantha product.
Size - 39 3/8” x 78 7/8”

Basha Boutique:
Basha Boutique creates high quality, handmade artisan textiles and accessories which reflect the traditions of Bangladesh. Through providing employment opportunities, they support women at risk and survivors of trafficking.